Why we Should Participate in such an investment?

Return of the original sum of investment is Guaranteed by the company

You buy the share of a company that the main Land of the hotel and adjacent land that has been already bought and is owned by the company. After the construction of the hotel and adjacent land, you will be a shareholder of a Five Star Hotel.

The Growth of your investment in the hotel construction and earning of Foreign exchange for Shareholders will be Paid Permanently.

In This investment you may gain profit in different ways

By buying your shares during the construction period your stock price will be doubled by the time of Project Completion; that mean you will earn 50% in foreign Currency during the year of Construction.

The shareholders who initially buy the bonds will receive significant benefits and more benefits than the shareholders who invest near the start of the project or after the hotel is started.

Exceptional opportunities for stakeholders after finishing the construction

Upon completion of construction and commencement of operation, shareholders may transfer their securities to the Company or to third parties at the daily rate. If they do not intend to sell it, they can have about 15% to 25% of their foreign exchange earnings per annum for life.

The benefits of investing in this project are valuable to shareholders using hotel services.

Laren Luxury Resort Opening

* Live broadcast of the hotel construction from 1 Dec. 2020

Reasons for Choosing US

Guarantee the Original amount of your Investment

Each Shareholder receives a percentage of the investment from the hotel’s land for their investment. That is, it buys the shares of a company that first owns the land and then builds the hotel with the same amount of investment as the entire Hotel.

Brilliant experience in the Tourism industry


Laren  Hotels  is  an official member of the Antalya  chambers of commerce and hotel syndicates and  has had a great experience in the hotel industry for more than 40000 Visitors  since 2017.

Increase your principal by 100%


Increase your principal buy 100% until the completion and operation of the Laren Luxury Resort Hotel. You will also get a lifetime Profit after the hotel is operational.